It is with some sadness, that we must announce that

after 25 years, Southern Tier Basketball Camp

will be coming to an end.

A message from Loren:

"Many of you, your children or players you coached were a part of boys' camp that started in 1995. That Spring I visited Brenda and Joe at J. Edwards Insurance Agency

in downtown Panama to ask for financial support that remained for a quarter-century. A year later a girls' week was added and Ashville General soon after offered support that grew to as many as ten sponsors and 120 players each week from around the county, state, and even country. I'm so appreciative.

Some of the finest area coaches worked camp for nearly volunteer pay allowing for an affordable or even cost-free player experience. We even had two weddings paved among young coaches(Eckwahl and Monacelli) resulting in multiple children. I will take credit for that match-making (LOL).

So fulfilling to see or read about players competing now that met as youngsters at camp or to see college kids or adults proudly wearing camp shirts a decade (or more) old. I'm most thankful, to this day, for everyone involved

and a lifetime of relationships."

Thank you all for your support over the years!


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Loren Smith’s Southern Tier Basketball Camp is one that brings children from all ages throughout the Southern Tier together for one main purpose, to learn the fundamentals of basketball in competitive fun. In 1995, Loren Smith, a teacher and coach at Panama Central School, decided that young boys and girls should revisit the true fundamentals of basketball. The way this was accomplished was starting up a fun week-long summer camp that encompassed these fundamentals. For 20 years now, this camp has been showing the young children of this area to give things their all, remember the fundamentals, and above all have fun.