Where should I go when I get to Panama Central School?

Once you get to PCS and go through the new gym doors, go straight

down the hallway and you’ll see the registration table. 


When is the deadline for registering?

There is no deadline for registering. We take campers all the way up to 

the morning of camp. However, we do prefer that we get our campers

 registered before camp. This is so that we know how many campers to

 be expecting, how many shirts to order, and how many coaches we need.


What age does my child have to be to come?

This year camp for both boys and girls week will be for those players 

entering grades 4-9 next September. However, if your child is in a younger 

grade and you feel as though he or she is mature enough for the camp, you are

more than welcome to sign your child up!


 How much does camp cost?

Camp costs 120 dollars per camper. However, one can take 10 dollars off 

each for more than one camper from a family. Also, one can take another 

10 dollars off for registering their camper before the last day of school.


 Who should checks be made out to and where do I send it?

Checks should be made out to “Southern Tier Basketball Camp” 

and the camper’s name should be placed on the memo line. 

The check should be sent to Jenn Johnson at 

56 W Main St, Panama NY, 14767. 


What are the first day details?

After coming to PCS the campers will need to check in at the registration table 

to confirm the payment on the first day. The parent does not have to be present.

This is also when campers can register and pay if they haven’t done so yet. 


 What should a camper bring to camp?

Each camper should bring proper shoes, shorts, 

swim gear, and a positive attitude


What are the dates for this year’s camp?

Southern Tier Basketball Camp has come to an end after 25 years. There will be no further camps.


 What time should I arrive at the camp in the morning each day?

Camp starts at 9 in the morning but it’s probably a good idea to 

arrive by 8:45. Also, the gym is open by 8:30 in the morning.


 What time is camp over with for the day?

Camp ends every day at 2:30 in the afternoon,

except on Friday which ends at 11:45pm.


 Can a parent or guardian watch camp any day or just on Friday? 

Anyone can watch camp on any day of the week. In fact, everyone is more 

than welcome and encouraged to come! See the daily camp schedule 

for details if there is something in particular you’d like to see.


What if I can’t afford camp? Are scholarships available?

If you’re struggling financially, there are scholarships available for campers.

Contact Loren Smith at 716-679-8475 to inquire about scholarships.